Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us, but this is a public meeting place so you have to understand and accept that most of the information you share here will be public.

email When you register we ask for your email address. This information will be kept private. Only the site administrators will have access to it.

When you register to one of the group you also consent to share your email address with the owner of and all the administrators of the specific group.

password That will be kept secret and hashed in the database.

name It will be seen publicly.

Your name will appear among the members of the site. If you register to a group it will be listed among the members of the group. If you register to an event your name will be listed among the registrants of the event.

other information For now we are not collecting any other information about you, but as we might add more fields to the personal profile we'll treat them by default as public.


We use Google Analytics to understand the behaviour of the visitors. We don't collect any personal via Google Analytics.